Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Changing Seasons on Cape Cod

A couple of paintings I've done lately give a pretty good idea of the changing seasons here on Cape Cod. The first one shows us trying to catch a couple of the last stripers that make their way along Sandy Neck on their way south. This was late October. The chances of catching anything were slim but it was a beautiful day and made for a fun painting. This one is done entirely in acrylic. I started with an acrylic under painting and  was going to continue with oil, but liked the feel of the acrylic, so I just continued...

The next painting is one I did after the first storm of the new year. As soon as the snow stopped and the sun started to pop out we took a ride around Sandwich and this spot on the corner of Jarvis and 6A looked might pretty. I switched back to oils for this painting.

At the end of Jarvis is the salt marsh near Town Neck beach. I took some nice photos there too so I hope to have a few more Cape winter scenes.