Pen and Ink Sketches

Here are several of my pen and ink sketches. After doing the plein air sketch in ink, I add a wash of water color to some of them. I really enjoy doing these quick sketches,

They come framed in either 8x10 or 12x16 frames. Prices vary from $100 to $175 depending on size and color. For example
8x10 Black and White $100
8x10 Color $125
12x16 Black and White $150
12x16 Color $175
Also, due to my process, you could have the same work in either black and white or in color. For example

The Pantheon, Black and White                                           The Pantheon in watercolor


                       Vel-lib Black and White                                Vel-lib Color     

Other sketches.
Rue des Rossiers

At the Market

Opera Garnier

The Pantheon seen through Isle St Louis

A View of Sacre Coeur

Vel-lib St Paul
Notre Dame

Dexter Grist Mill - Sandwich

Portable Garden
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