Friday, September 14, 2012


A friend of ours recently asked if I could do a painting of her garden. She is very active in the Cape Cod Hydrangea Society and has a beautiful garden filled with multiple varieties of hydrangea. After checking out several locations in the garden, we decided that the entry way into the garden would be a nice subject.

Here is my re-creation of the entry way.

We were both pleased with the results. Since then I've noticed many similar arbors or gates with different backgrounds so I think I'll tackle a few more.

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Marjorie S. Sardella said...

Hi Tony,

My name is Marjorie Sardella and I just discovered your blog while visiting the Foxboro Art Association's website. I did a visit to some of your blogs and thoroughly enjoyed your comments and humor as well as your artistic ability. In short, I love your work, and shall revisit soon.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate your taking a moment to visit both my website at, as well as "liking" my photography blog on Facebook. I too look forward to any and all comments you may offer.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful works and the story behind them. The arbor entry to the Hydrangea garden evokes a sense of not just beauty, but welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best regards,