Sunday, November 12, 2017

Recent Work

Here are some of  my recent works.

This fishing trawler was docked in Hyannis Harbor by the Art Shantys. I looked at it every day and was struck by the blue color with the contrasting rust and the reflections of the water.

 Hopper on Main
I've always been taken with this house on Main St in Sandwich which reminds me of a Hopper House.
House of Blues
I cropped a photo of a house in P-town until I had just this little section.

In From the Fog
After catching a few stripers in the canal one rainy morning, I saw this trawler coming in to the bulkhead to unload its catch. Took a photo and created this painting.

 Tied Up
I  really liked the reflection of this rowboat in the water.

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