Sunday, March 11, 2012

New Equipment

Since coming out to Sedona, I have done more "plein air" painting. I really enjoy painting on location. I wanted to buy one of the French Pochade boxes that has everything self-contained but they always seemed too expensive. But, a friend gave me a tripod, so I decided to splurge and buy a French Resistance box. It is similar to the Pochade but a bit smaller and lighter. It has a small pallette area, holes for your brushes, a compartment in the lid for paints, etc and can hold up to an 18x24 canvas or panel.

I decided to splurge when (brag alert) one of my paintings at the Sedona Art Center sold and I got word that I have a buyer for my painting in the Norfolk Cultural Center show. So, I have found money to pay my credit card bill.

Here's a photo of the box on site near the Honanki Indian ruin. It is sitting on a tripod (it came with a quick release). You may be able to see that the brushes can stand up when inserted into the holes and you can hang your paper towels from the box. I have clamped a slightly larger palette to the box to give a little more room for the paint and to make cleaning it a bit easier. This palette is stored in the lid (with some minor modifications that I will work on when I get home). So, far I really like this set up. I bought a few more of those Art Cocoons so now everything I need is in my knapsack making it very easy to carry what I need to a location.

This was a great spot. There was an old cattle chute, used to load cattle onto a truck, and a watering hole. During the day, the sun passes almost directly overhead so that at any given time all the shadows will be changing. Got to work fast.


Ann Gorbett said...

Hey Tony-great new equipment. Congrats on the sales as well. So great.

Linda G. said...

Congratulations. Which painting sold at Patriot Place?

I went to the show Sat. afternoon and it was very crowded. Spoke with several of the artists and saw some people I knew.

Did those super-size vice-grips come with the new kit?

Tony said...

Hi Ann, I'm happy with the equipment. Everything fits in a smallish knapsack.

Hi Linda, nothing has sold at Patriot Place. Some of us are in the Norfolk Cultural Council show at the Norfold library. My painting of trucks called Side Kicks sold (at least a guy emailed me to say he wanted to buy it. He may have had buyer's remorse.) the money's already been spent.

Tony said...

Linda, I had the clamps. They come in handy.

Linda G. said...

Aw shucks, I could have gone to Norfolk Lib. on my way to pick up pizza across the street.