Saturday, March 3, 2012

SAC Member Show

Friday night was the Sedona Art Center Member show. We became members a couple of years ago, but this was the first time I submitted anything for the juried show. All 3 of my paintings were accepted.
The opening night was part of the 1st Friday Gallery Tour in Sedona so there was quite a crowd. This photo of the Art Center doesn't reflect the crowd as everyone was inside.
There was an eclectic display of sculpture, glass work, stone work as well as traditional 2 dimensional art. There were awards in each category, but, alas, I was not among the fortunate recipients. Maybe next time. I was pleased to have been juried in. Although there were signs to NOT photograph the artwork, I figured I could sneak a shot of one of my own works. This bronc rider from a photo taken at the Tucson Rodeo is, coincidentally, placed next to my friend Michael Johnson's painting of the Grand Canyon.
I took this picture, below, at about 5:45 from the back steps of the Sedona Art Center. Not bad, eh?
The "Best in Show" was awarded to an "emerging artist" for her bronze sculpture of two hands painting a Navajo pot. Once it set in that I wasn't going to win the "Best of Show" we went out to dinner with Bill and Sarah.


Michael Chesley Johnson, Artist / Writer said...

Sorry we missed you, Tony!

Tony said...

Michael, we saw your head from across the room, but by the time we made it through the crowd, you were gone. Too bad for us.