Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Gallery at Patriot's Place

Town Neck

I will be one of the “guest” artists at the Gallery at Patriot Place in Foxboro from Friday , 9/9 to Sunday, 9/11. This is a relatively new gallery in Patriot Place that is a great venue for the permanent artists and for guests like me.

I will have a variety of works ranging from beach scenes to red rocks to water lilies and some of the old trucks that I love to do. If you haven’t been to Patriot Place, this may be the excuse you need. Dine at one of the fine restaurants (or 5 Guys), see a movie, visit the Patriot’s Hall of Fame and stop by the Gallery.

The Gallery is located opposite the Good Life store near the CBS Zone. The hours are Friday, 5-9, Saturday 1-9 and Sunday 11-6. I'll be there during the gallery hours. (The Pats play Monday night that weekend.)


Kim Morin Weineck said...

I'm planning to visit and hopefully paint a bit, too. We'll see!

jwdonovan99 said...

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