Saturday, September 24, 2011

Recent Work

Inspired by some scenery on recent vacations and spending lots of time in Sandwich, as well as having a need to come up with some new material for the Gallery, I've been working on new paintings. Here are a few of them.

This is Atlantic Sunrise, from a photo taken by our friend Pam when we spent a week in the Outer Banks last summer. At 5 am, the light is really like this as the sun peeps over the horizon.
Atlantic Sunrise
12x24 (Sold)
While kayaking in the Berkshires, we had to paddle through a tangle of lily pads to get to the open lake. When the lilies came out, I got inspired to just float through them and paint them (from a photo, of course).
Water Liliies
The little town of Sandwich, MA has such an abundance of scenery that just begs to be painted. I've been doing some of the town beach and the "off road' beach, Sandy Neck. Here's one of the town beach looking East.
Town Neck Beach towards Barnstable
9x12 (Sold)
I've been doing a number paintings of the salt marshes in the area and more beach scenes and will post them soon.
Keep tuned.

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